DaVinci and Water

About 500 years back, Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519) saved ideas about vortices predicated on his tests with water. Actually, the main topic of drinking water, hydrology, and hydraulics made a huge part of Leonardo’s lifetime study. Being a matter of traditional is aware – more of Da Vinci’s writings were Continue Reading

Vitruvian Man

We grasp that Leonardo da Vinci is known as the model of the Renaissance man since he is one of the fathers of movement. Notwithstanding how he was known to be a boss among the best painters at whatever point lived he is regardless a professional, mathematician, engineer, anatomist, stone Continue Reading

More on The Mona Lisa

Inside the halls of the Louvre in France, a painting of Mona Lisa, Leonardo Da Vinci’s mysteriously enigmatic masterpiece, rests as a centerpiece of Renaissance Artwork. The foundation of her enigmatic giggle, the environment of her stationed present and the question of what Da Vinci may have actually supposed have Continue Reading